Using certified primary instruments and a Data Acquisition system with software designed for sea trials determine: 

Sea Trails & Performance Audits

  • Delivered Shaft Torque and Propeller Power

  • Bollard Pull vs. Delivered Power and Engine rpm

  • Main Engine Fuel Consumption for specified engine load and rpm combination, allowing comparison to be made with the Engine Manufacturers curves.

  • Steady State and Transient Shaft Line Torsional Vibration characteristic.

  • Recording of maximum (overspeed) and minimum stable engine rpm

  • Mile Run, Crash Stop and Manoeuvring as required

  • Genset loads. line currents, voltages, frequencies & fuel flows over the period of the Endurance Trial

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Fishing vessel Trials

In the case of Fishing Trials, the report will incorporate:

Fishing vessel Trails

  • Engine rpm and fuel consumption curves with gear deployed.

  • Alternator line currents, voltages, frequencies and simultaneous measurement of fuel consumption from which a comprehensive analysis of the ship’s electric load profile, power factor electrical efficiencies (KWe/kWm) and specific fuel consumption will be determined.

At the owner or yard’s discretion the report may also be expanded to include verification and recording of Alarms, Trips and Protective Devices such as Steering Gear, Reverse Power, auto-changeover and blackout tests.