Re-Powering Fishing, Ferries & Work Boats

Analysis of vessel speed, power, tow-pull and fuel consumption, sizing and selection of engine, gearbox and Propeller

Base Line Operational Performance of the Vessel

We prefer to use actual measurments to baseline the vessel.  To do this we install instruments on board to measure: 

Re-Powering Fishing, Ferries & Work Boats

  • Fuel Consumption and Efficiency of each of the propulsion and auxiliary engines

  • Electrical Loads and Generator performance

  • Vessel’s Performance

  • Propeller Power

  • Shaft line Torsional Vibration

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Total Confidentiality

We propose a Confidentiality Agreement with the Owner. That means we cannot share this information with anybody without the owner’s written permission.

Analyse and Benchmark

We use the same engineering software used by the major engine manufacturers, leading Classification Societies, shipyards and ship designers. We analyse the vessels propulsion and powering requirements. Our Base line is precise and proven because:

Vessel Analyse and Benchmark

  • We measure the actual performance of the boat’s machinery and stern gear and measure to the same International Standards used by the Engine Manufactures, we provide an apples with apples comparison.

  • It incorporates operational factors that are specific to the boat, For example for a fishing boat this would be factors such as the distance to the fishing grounds, fishery, gear and hull condition while for a harbour ferry factors such as tide, transit, embarkation and disembarkation times are captured.

  • The Base line allows us to determine not only how the boat is performing but how its performance stacks up with other directly comparable boats and newbuilding’s. We have an extensive database of over 5000 vessels.

Why is this important?

Why is this important?

  • Because the merit of a repowering solution can be judged based on an accurate knowledge of the base line … anything else is just guesswork.

  • Because our re-powering solutions attract substantial State Aid - Fishing Vessels also qualify for this support.

Specification and Design

From the Baseline we specify and design the optimum solution for the boat considering the owner’s own experience and preferences. For example, the owner based many years of favourable experience, may wish to remain with a given engine or gearbox manufacturer.

Supply, Install Support - The Optimum Solution – Hybrid Propulsion

Following the design, we can configure and supply the solution as an Integrated package including Wheelhouse Consoles and Power Management Systems. As an Irish and European company spare parts and technical support are always readily available.