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DCM Marine Power & Propulsion

It is inevitable that the imperatives of Global Warming necessitate fundamental changes to the powering of ships and boats.


Due to the production costs of fuel and evolving emissions regulations the demand and cost of marine gas oil (Diesel) is predicted to double over the period to 2030.


With a focus on the fishing fleet, coastal, harbour ferries and workboats, DCM Power will with technology partners, leading Equipment Manufacturers, specify design and supply fully optimised Hybrid Propulsion solutions which enable owners to prepare for the significant challenges which lie ahead.


The retrofitting of Hybrid Propulsion systems to an existing boat requires the matching of components to the specific demands of that vessel. Therefore, the engineering of a bespoke solution is required.


DCM Power & Propulsion are uniquely placed to quantify the benefits and provide the best engineered solution

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DCM Marine Power & Propulsion Solutions

For existing boats, we establish the baseline so that the merits of a repowering solution are properly and fully quantified.

In conjunction with technology partners and in full compliance of IS 399:2014 (Energy Efficient Design Management) we will design and build a propulsion system for your boat using only proven technologies and components to ensure performance and reliability

We will ensure accessible and ongoing aftermarket support and manage out component obsolescence

We will provide Technical Support and Training for Engineers and Crew

On behalf of owners we will manage the grant application ensuring full compliance with qualifying requirements

Hybrid Propulsion Systems

Re-powering & Newbuild Solutions - Over 20% Reductions in Fuel Costs - Reduced Carbon Emissions - Grants Available

Repowering Fishing Boats, Ferries and Work Boats

Bespoke Engineered Solutions - Designed & Supplied

Sea Trials and Performance Audits

Free Running, Towing/Trawling, Manoeuvering & Bollard Pull Trials

Analysis and prediction of vessel speed, power, tow-pull and fuel consumption

Sizing and selection of Engine, Gearbox and Propeller

Sea Trials and Performance Validation

A Strategic Partnership with:


Baumüller is a leading German specialist and manufacturer of electric drives and automation with extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of high torque synchronous motors. Baumuller designs and manufactures the controls systems including AFEs, PLCs and Power management systems which are used extensively in Hybrid Propulsion and other mobility Systems.